How To Choose A 6th Grade Homeschool History Curriculum

Every child is an individual. And with that in mind, every child has somewhat different educational needs. You're in the process of choosing the 6th-grade homeschool history curriculum for your middle schooler that feels right for your child, and you want lessons/activities that meet your student where they are. Beyond that, you want a history curriculum that pushes your middle schooler to excel, think critically and move beyond what they think they can do — to what you know they can accomplish. [Read More]

How An Anxiety-Related Ebook Can Help You

If you suffer from anxiety, you should know that there are a number of ebooks out there that are designed to help people just like you. Even though it might not seem like an ebook will really be able to help you with your anxiety, you might be surprised by the results that you can get. These are a few ways that one of these ebooks may be able to help you. [Read More]

Recognizing Logical Fallacies: Part Of A Classical Education

Being a well-educated person involves more than gathering an array of degrees. You need the ability to think abstractly and to present your ideas in a clear and logical manner. In order to accomplish these goals, you must recognize and avoid logical fallacies. This education should begin early and be stressed in high school and college.  Ad Hominem Argument One of the most pervasive arguments used during political elections, the ad hominem attack focuses on an individual's character instead of the issues being discussed. [Read More]

Want To Craft Full Time? How To Start A Successful Craft Business

You're a crafter. Maybe you sew fabulous frocks or knit glorious, warm scarves. You might be an avid painter or an amateur woodworker in your spare time. Whatever it is that you do, you have a knack for it, and you'd like to do it full time. Turning a crafting hobby is no small feat, but it's very possible. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for crafters and artists was approximately $44,380 in 2012. [Read More]