How To Choose A 6th Grade Homeschool History Curriculum

Every child is an individual. And with that in mind, every child has somewhat different educational needs. You're in the process of choosing the 6th-grade homeschool history curriculum for your middle schooler that feels right for your child, and you want lessons/activities that meet your student where they are. Beyond that, you want a history curriculum that pushes your middle schooler to excel, think critically and move beyond what they think they can do — to what you know they can accomplish.

What do you need to consider when selecting a 6th-grade history curriculum? Take a look at some of the top questions to ask yourself, your family and your child as you start (or continue) your homeschooling journey.

How Does Your Child Learn Best?

There are several ways that children learn. Some students are visual learners (meaning that they prefer using pictures or images to learn), others are auditory learners (these students learn best by hearing), while others are physical learners (these students enjoy hands-on experiences).

Along with these types of learners, you may find that your child acquires new information best verbally, by using logical methods or socially. Whatever the type of learner is, you can find a curriculum that includes lessons and activities that will play to it.

Keep in mind, some children learn in multiple ways. This means you'll need a history curriculum that is multi-faceted and has activities that engage your child in many different ways.

What Are Your Educational Goals?

Even though your child is in sixth grade, you may want them to go above and beyond what a publicly schooled student would learn in class. And that's one of the advantages to homeschooling. Instead of having to stick with what the school district thinks your child should learn, you can branch out. This can make learning more interesting for your child and truly challenge them.

What Are Your Child's Interests?

History is a broad subject area. When choosing a 6th-grade homeschool history curriculum, ask your child what their interests are. More specifically, ask your child what their interests are within the framework of a grade-level appropriate curriculum.

While you can't focus on everything your child enjoys learning about, you can pick and choose lessons (from what the curriculum offers) that will grab your child's attention and get them excited to learn.

What else should you ask yourself, and your child, before picking a 6th-grade history curriculum? Along with these questions, you may need to talk to your school district's curriculum coordinator or administration. If your area requires your child to meet learning standards or complete state-mandated testing, you may need to choose a curriculum that includes specific subjects.