Creating A Reading Corner In Your Kindergarten Classroom

Creating a warm, welcoming classroom is a great way to introduce kindergartners to a lifetime of learning. Choosing the right furniture is essential for building an ideal kindergarten classroom. Reading books as a class is one way to teach students the fundamentals of letters and words. Instead of keeping children at their desks or tables, creating a casual group reading corner can be a more unique way to lead reading time. Here are a few ways to outfit your reading corner.

Colorful Reading Rug

Choose a large classroom rug with individual squares or circles in different colors. Assign each student a colored shape to sit on during reading time. This defines their personal space on the rug, which can prevent students from fidgeting or moving around during the group reading sessions. The rug you choose should be soft enough to keep students comfortable, but you can also add throw pillows to add to the seating area.

Book Bin Shelves

Having lots of books to choose from can give students more options to choose their own books during reading time. An open shelving system is a great option for this. Outfit each shelf with colored bins, which can be used to organize books by subject, character, or book size. Invite students to pick out the books that will be read during group reading times. This bins can also be used during free times, giving students an easy way to choose books on their own.

Rocking Chair

One way to make group reading sessions less formal is to add a rocking chair to the reading corner. This is the place where the teacher can sit while reading books. Students can also sit in this chair comfortably when they are attempting to read to the class. A simple wood rocking chair can be a great option, but be sure to add pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable. If you bring parents into the classroom to read, choose a smaller rocking chair to place next to the large one. This lets the student sit next to his or her parent during reading time.

Of course, there are many other things you can do to make the reading corner even more fun. Small bean bag chairs, book-inspired posters, and reading charts are all great options for completing your classroom's reading corner. With the right furnishings, you can create a fun space for kids to learn to read.

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