Creating A Family Photo For A Scattered Family

As families grow, they tend to spread out across the country. Some families can go many years without spending a single day all together, which can be a heart-wrenching thing for a parent. Are you a member of a scattered family and looking for the perfect gift to give your parents this year? How about a family portrait that includes everyone in your family? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you make that happen.

Family Reunion

One of the more challenging things to do is to get everyone to travel home. It might be too far for some to make it the whole way back, so as you plan a family reunion, think about the location. It doesn't have to be in the town where the family grew up; it can be in a more centralized location.

Look for large vacation rentals in an area that is somewhat centralized for most of the family. Send out emails to see if anyone would be interested in going together on a big vacation rental for the family reunion. This way, the family can spend as much time together as they want, and you'll have the time that you need to capture a family photo for your parents.

Photo Editing

There are a bunch of photo editing programs out there for you to take advantage of; many of them are free for use, but the really good ones cost more and may be harder to learn how to use.

Once you find a photo editing program that you're comfortable with, it's time to hit social media and begin collecting pictures of your family. The goal is to find great pictures that can be pieced together to create a full family collage.

Note: If you're not comfortable or have no idea what you're doing, there are companies out there where you can send the photos that you want put together as a collage, and they'll do the work for you. You'll receive a few variations to choose from and then order a print of many sizes.

Custom Framing

Since you'll likely be creating a collage, you'll have the freedom to choose the size and shape. The last thing that you'll need is a custom frame to fit the collage as you have created it. Find a framing service and have professionals create something really beautiful to frame the family photo that seemed impossible to create.